The Last Year of the War

A missionary training school is not a bad place to grow up emotionally, provided it’s during a war, your brother is missing-in-action, you are being spooked by a creepy fellow student, your head is full of theological doubts, and you can’t catch up on your laundry.

Harper & Row, and Publishers – 1978 (First Hard copy)
San Francisco – 1979 (First Paper Edition)
Northcote Books – 1989
Wipf and Stock – 2004

Review Excerpts

A real book to be read and understood.
—Alan Cheuse, The New York Times Book Review

A lively, funny, serious, well-written novel that tells the truth.
—Virginia Mollenkott, Christianity and Crisis

Radiates the graceful confidence of a seasoned writer. —The New Yorker

Shirley Nelson has written an honest and haunting book.
The Christian Century

Though the topic [fundamentalism] has always fascinated American writers, such recent novels as Joyce Carol Oates’ Son of the Morning and Shirley Nelson’s The Last Year of the War give it a serious rather than a merely satirical place in American religious life.
Virginia Quarterly Review