Fair, Clear and Terrible

 The Story of Shiloh, Maine

The documented inner dimensions of an enclosed culture in southern Maine, early in the 20th century. Running through the twenty-five-year story are the themes of perfectionism, obedience and martyrdom, and the dangers of one personality holding authority over many others.

Wipf and Stock (First Paper Edition) – 2009

British American Publishing – 1989



A remarkable piece of historical documentary, written with the flare of a first class novelist. —William G. McLoughlin, author of Revivals, Awakenings, and Reform.

A riveting story…very much out of the way, as compelling a narrative as it is instructive in faith. —Mark Noll, author of Decisive Moments: Turning Points in the History of Christianity.

 A wonderful job of historical research. —George Marsden, author of Fundamentalism and American Culture.

The prose sparkles, the authorial voice is always fair and trustworthy, and the huge cast of characters is always strongly controlled. —Jeffrey Berman, author of The Talking Cure: Literary Representations of Psychoanalysis

The author’s only previous effort is a novel, which gave this reviewer great reservations about her ability to conduct a serious, scholarly historical study. It came as a pleasant surprise to find the book as well researched as it was written. …The author excels in her ability to open up the ordinary lives of the people involved in this religious experiment. —Stuart A.Wright, in Church and State. Author of Storming Zion: Exploring State Raids on Religious Communities.

…The strange building, the wild man, the ships, the woman under the tree waiting for an apple to fall, snow down a long lane…. —Eugene Garber, author of Metaphysical Tales.