Book Events: The Risk of Returning


Nov. 3:   Amherst, MA. Book party and signing by neighbors.

Nov. 7:   Albany, NY. Launch and signing. Bookhouse, Stuyvesant Plaza.

Nov. 17: Amherst. Launch and signing. Home of Randy and Karin Wilburn.

Dec. 9:   Interview by Steve Pfarrer, Hampshire Gazette and Amherst Bulletin.


Feb. 27: Amherst. Reading and signing. Food for Thought Bookstore.

March 1: Holliston, MA. Book sale and signing, Public Library.

March 14: Laity Lodge, Kerrville, Texas. Reading and discussion. Chrysostom Society of Writers.

April 4: Brattleboro, Vermont. Reading and discussion. Everyone’s Books.

April 8-10: Durham, NC. Duke Divinity School. Two events for students: Viewing of Precarious Peace, and book reading and discussion.

May 2-4: Hopewell, NJ. Two reading events for book groups planned by Carol and Charles McCullough.

June 5-6: Rhode Island. Four events. Writing group, home of Kathy Henry, Barrington; Reading group, Lincoln UCC Church; Reading and discussion, home of Jerry and Elsa Greider; Reading and signing, Barrington Books.

July 25: Shelburne Falls, MA. Arms Public Library. Reading and discussion.

October 15: Amherst, MA. Local book group. Discussion.


Jan. 18: Amherst. Adult Forum, Immanuel Lutheran Church. Program shared with Jerry MacFarland. Viewing of part of Precarious Peace and reading.

May 15: Albany, NY. First Presbyterian Church, Adult Study Group. Film showing and reading.