The Risk of Returning

A Novel by Shirley and Rudy Nelson

Published by Wipf and Stock, Eugene, Oregon, 2014.

What Can Happen If You Go Back?

This is a question Rudy and Shirley Nelson tackle in their recently published novel.  The place of return is Guatemala in 1987.  The “returner” is forty-year-old Ted Peterson from Boston.  His purpose:  To solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance years before.  Caught in a culture of violence and deadly secrets, what he finds is as much about himself as about his father.

The RISK OF RETURNING is now a publication of Wipf and Stock in Oregon, and distributed world-wide by Ingram.  It can be ordered through most bookstores or on-line at The price is still $18.00.  It is also available on Kindle for $5.99.  It should also be available at your public library.  If not, please recommend the acquisition.

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